Fantasy Football Cbs Trade Value Chart Week 2 Rest Of Season Rankings

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CBS Sports has been home to the original Fantasy Football Trade Values Chart since its inception in 2011, designed to help you make fair trades in your non-PPR, PPR, and SuperFlex/2QB leagues.

What exactly is the trade value chart? The stats assigned to players below are a long-term indicator of their fantasy worth.

Expected future performance, future schedule, and public sentiment all influence value.
Not previous performance.

You can determine which player you should get in return by adding the values of two players. Fantasy managers, on the other hand, should deduct 20% of the value of any trade in which one side has two or more players than the other.

Fantasy Football Cbs Trade Value Chart Week 2

Fantasy football draft season is officially over, and your teams are either 1-0 and have a perfect record, or you’re 0-1 and, admit it, a little worried.

You may experience panic. You may rejoice. You have the option to wallow in self-doubt. But one thing is certain: it’s never a good idea to become complacent with your fantasy teams during the season.

You work the waiver wire tirelessly and spend the entire week debating start-sit questions. You should be equally active in the market.

Of course, this can be difficult because not every fantasy football player values the same football player the same way. Furthermore, sending an insultingly low-ball offer to start the back-and-forth is never a good idea.

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To assist, we’ll provide our most recent trade values to help you decide whether to send or accept a trade. This is especially true for running backs at the moment. The algorithms are here to serve as a reminder.

Keep in mind that these are not my rankings or values. They are mathematical values designed to assist us in making optimal decisions based on what we know now.

With that said, here’s how numberFire’s algorithms value players in a 12-team league for the rest of the season.

Fantasy Football Cbs Trade Value Chart Week 2
Fantasy Football Cbs Trade Value Chart Week 2

Running Back

playerIt was completednonPPR
J TaylorIND3738
Thank youLatin America and the Caribbean3336
C McCaffreySentences3235
Dr.. cookminute3134
J. MixonCI2831
S. BarclayNYG2730
Dr.. SwiftThe2629
n. Harrispit2326
L FortniteTB2326
J. WilliamsThe2124
that. likeTotal2121
a. JonesGB1820
J ConnerAR1820
Dr. Montgomerychi1416
a. DillonGB1416
B. huhNew York1213
J JacobsLV1213
T. Etiennejack1115th
a. GibsonI was1114
I ElliotDA1113
K. HuntTotal1012
C. PattersonATL1012
J. DobbinsPal910
Edwards HillierKC910
M SandersPH99
J. Robinsonjack99
D. Piercethe new99
Dr.. Henderson Jr.LA810
Jim EdmondsMIA810
D. SingleBUF89
M GordonThe89
T PollardDA79
M. CarterNew York79
C. AkersLA78
Dr.. Harrisnumber77
R. Stevensonnumber67
K. Herbertchi66
K. Walker IIISea66
Robinson Jr.I was66
J. Wilsonsixth56
K. GainwellPH56
E. Mitchellsixth55
a. Mattisonminute55
n. HeinzIND7
Running Back

Wide Future

playerIt was completednonPPR
C. coupLA3236
J. ChaseCI3135
D. AdamsLV3034
S. DiggsBUF2731
T HillMIA2427
Dr. Samuelsixth2326
M. BatemanIND2125
Mother. EvansTB2124
M. Thomasnumber2024
de morSentences1922
Jim SuttonThe1720
T. HigginsCI1619
A. St. BrownThe1418
C. lambDA1416
T MaclaurinI was1316
J DavisBUF1316
K. AllenLatin America and the Caribbean1216
J. WaddellMIA1215th
B. cooksthe new1114
WilliamsLatin America and the Caribbean1114
Jim Kirkjack1014
M BrownAR1013
Jim GoodwinTB912
Dr. Moneychi912
R. BatemanPal811
c. Smith SchusterKC811
a. RobinsonLA810
A. Thielenminute710
B. oksixth79
EmoreNew York79
Dr.. SmithPH79
D. HopkinsAR79
a. LazardGB68
a. CooperTotal68
T LocketSea68
Jim SamuelI was68
J Landrynumber68
J JonesTB67
J. DotsonI was67
T BoydCI57
Jim Claypoolpit56
M Valdes-ScantlingKC56
J. WilsonNew York56
C WatsonGB56
D. ShareThe56
J. Myersnumber5
Wide Future

Tight End

playerIt was completednonPPR
T. KelseyKC2832
K. BatesATL1620
D. WallerLV1114
D. GoedertPH811
J Kettlesixth710
P. Freiermuthpit710
T. HawkinsonThe68
A. OkwuegbunamThe68
Z. ErtzAR57
Thomas ThomasI was56
J. EverettLatin America and the Caribbean56
Dr.. KnoxBUF55
Jim Kmetchi48
Tight End


playerIt was completed1QB2QB
J. AllenBUF1957
P. MahomesKC1854
J. HerbertLatin America and the Caribbean1751
J. It hurtsPH1236
K. MurrayAR1030
T BradyTB927
R WilsonThe824
J. BoroughCI824
T. Lancesixth618
K. Cousinsminute618
D. KarLV515th
J. Fieldschi515th
M. StaffordLA515th
a. RodgersGB515th
D. PrescottDA15th
Jim WentzI was13
T. TagoviloaMIA13
c. Winstonnumber13
M. MarioATL13
T. Lawrencejack12
M RyanIND12
j hollowThe11
D. JonesNYG11
M. Jonesnumber10
de millsthe new10
Z. WilsonNew York9
K. Pickettpit8

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